What’s New? Lynks Afrikka – On Trend

By combining the artistic eccentricities and raucous theatrics of drag, with unconventional and veritably off-kilter pop music, Lynks Afrikka has continued to amass increasingly sizeable notoriety both in the capital and further afield. On presentation of what becomes the third single added to an expanding array of work, yet another scornfully acidic assessment of modern existence is produced.

While previous work wasn’t shy to a smattering of sarcasm, if this track had it’s tongue any further within its cheek, it’d risk poking through the other side. And what better way to present a sarcastically scathing, nihilistic renunciation of the state of the human race, than with a soundbite of Donald Trump aligning himself as an eco-conscious, and a “big believer in clean air”.

Musically, the synthesiser baseline percieves to constantly rise, providing an environment of creeping neuroticism and a perfect basis to outline the ‘lose, lose’ situation Lynks highlights in the track. Inviting rhythms and alluring percussive textures lay on top of the track’s dichotomous anxiety, giving a brief reprieve from what feels like certain doom from ecological disaster, further exacerbated by the outlined hypocrisy of the increasingly vacuous trend for mindfulness and wellbeing.

While listening to the lyrics it feels like everything might be fucked, but with the music this catchy, hey we might as well have a right good dance then, shouldn’t we?

Listen to Lynks Afrikka here.