What’s New? Charlotte Spiral – Wide Eyed

The debut single from London-based duo Charlotte Spiral is an ode to wanting but not getting. Produced with Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey, ‘Wide Eyed’ translates feelings of intangible dissatisfaction and an opaque, unquenchable thirst for more into song.

Mirroring the plod of the dreamlike piano, writer and vocalist Amy Spencer sings a touching plea for simplicity and clarity, “I wish I was wide eyed, nothing inside… I just want to fall into my ideal life”. It’s a lovely debut and one that promises much more to come.

Charlotte Spiral will release their debut EP Ideal Life on 7 February, via Chapped Lips. Watch the video for ‘Wide Eyed’ below:

Charlotte Spiral are on Instagram. They will play The Social in London (supporting Speedy Wunderground) on 7 December.