What’s New? Beach Bunny – Dream Boy

Beach Bunny’s latest single ‘Dream Boy’ is bright, bold, unashamed infatuation-rock.  

With blazing singalong choruses and romantic clichés in tow, you better make sure it’s done right otherwise you may step dangerously close to cringe-pop. Well, thankfully Beach Bunny do do it right.

Authentic, animated vocals from Lili Trifilio are as sweet as they are bracing. “You’ve got my heart bursting at the seams, baby you’re the boy from my dreams”, she sings. You can’t help but believe her.

Check out the very stereotypically American music video (with red-cupped house and pool parties to boot) here:

The Chicago group have announced their debut album Honeymoon, due out on Feb 14 (yes, they went there), 2020 via Mom + Pop Records.