Visions Festival 2019 – The Preview

Is it that time of year already? Following the triumph of last year, rocketed into triumph by an eclectic, contemporary lineup and crowned by a barnstorming headline performance given by the band of the moment, Idles. Can Visions 2019 live up to it? Here are some options to catch to make sure it does…

Visions Dog Show (12:00)

Want to see a Shih Tzu before Squid, or a Pug before Pregoblin? Well, it wouldn’t be Visions without the dog show, would it? Becoming less a music festival with a dog show, and more a dog show with some live music afterwards. What may seem like a music festival’s thinly veiled attempt at injecting an appealingly quirky vibe to proceedings, actually produces an altogether more endearing effect. Make sure you get across to St John at Hackney Church by 12pm sharp.

Pigs7x (Hangar, 10:15)

Uncompromising riff lords, and verified sabbath summoners, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs bring their relentless guitar sludge and uncompromisingly abrasive live set to headline East London venue, Hangar. Expect a raucous and sweaty affair to ensue as the Geordie gang hammer through their overwhelmingly successful LP ‘King of Cowards’. 

Scalping (Hangar, 2:15)

Can’t make the choice between whether you’d rather see a live band, or if you’d prefer an electronic, techno DJ? Well, the good thing is, with Scalping you don’t have to. Purveying a genre of what can only be described as techno-punk, the Bristol-based band collide the two seemingly opposite worlds in a mountain of effect pedals, sizeable amps, modular synths, and weighty instrumentation. Daring, and sometimes unnerving live visuals further add to the furore surrounding their set, which will go down perfectly in the underground ambience of Hangar.

Anna Meredith (Oval Space, 8:00)

Fresh from the release of her latest uber-catchy experimental-pop romp, ‘Paramour’. Anna Meredith brings her unique brand of genre-meandering, catchily innovative pop music to the Oval Space. Expect a set that covers all ends of the genre spectrum with key stops at contemporary classical, electronica and art-pop. A thoroughly deserved warm-up slot just behind stage headliners, White Denim.

Orville Peck (Hangar, 5:30)

Considering no one really knows much about Orville Peck, a lot has been written about Orville Peck. Disguising his identity using a leather-fringed western mask, coupled with a sizeable black western hat, the offered persona is definitely an intriguing one. Combining influences from classic country artists such as Johnny Cash with a modernized twist and pop sensibility, perhaps the veil will become somewhat lifted at a much-anticipated London outing.

Pregoblin (Oval Space, 2:00)

Oh hey, would you look at that; Another Fat White Family spin-off! Following an auspicious debut single and much-coveted support slots with the incurably divisive aforementioned outfit, the duo are set to open the festival’s biggest stage with their dark-disco hit, ‘Combustion’. Hopefully, we’ll also get a taste of what’s still to come.

Talkshow (Sebright Arms, 6:30)

In the increasingly congested and ever-competitive field of young up and coming post-punk and alt-rock bands, it’s hard to get noticed. The latest in the long line of band’s attempting to follow in the hype-laden shoes experienced by the like of Black Midi, Squid and Black Country, New Road is Talkshow. Two early singles show heaps of promise, but can they make it stick? Let’s find out.  

Visions Festival is on the 3rd of August, held across various venues in East London. Last few tickets here.