Too Many Recipes: ALDO make us a pair of Brazilian dishes

Ever wondered what your favourite band eats on tour? How do they start their day? Homemade gourmet brunch or a packet of cigs and a tub of hummus? Life’s full of unanswered questions and we’re determined to put an end to this being one of them, so we’re on a mission to find the best meals, snacks and treats from some of your favourite musicians.

This month’s edition of Too Many Recipes takes us to Brazil. ALDO are a São Paolo synth-pop sibling duo with atypical origins. Formed and named in honour of a once mischievous family figure, their Uncle Aldo, the band never looked back after receiving a mammoth vinyl donation from that very man. Read a little more about them here.

With a debut EP coming at the end of August, the Brazilians are about to embark on a new journey, both as brothers and as a band. This journey will undoubtedly involve lots of touring around Europe and the UK. This is exciting, but also raises some questions. For two Brazilian brothers, waking up in a hotel in a gloomy Leeds or rainy Brighton may take a bit of adjustment. How many layers of clothing will they wear? How much vitamin D will be depleted from their bodies? WHAT WILL THEY EAT?

Well, luckily, we have that last question covered. Here, from the band themselves, is what ALDO are eating on tour:


1 cup of Tapioca Flour. 100g of cheese. 5 grape tomatoes. 1 small knob of melted butter. Some basil. Salt & Pepper.

Our mother is from the North of Brazil (Belém do Pará city) and they take culinary very seriously there. We grew up learning some cool recipes such as this one, omnipresent in brazilian culture: Tapioca. It’s a popular street food made with manioc (tapioca) flour. It’s simply perfect for tours… easy to make, easy to eat, any time.

On this special Too Many Blogs receipt we used another awesome brazilian ingredient, a cheese called “Serra da Canastra”, directly from the state of Minas Gerais, with tomato grapes and basil. And that’s the great thing about Tapioca: you can filled it with whatever you want, from M&M’s and dulce de leche to old dangerous mayonnaise or whatever you have in your refrigerator.


Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Using a spoon, evenly spread a layer of powder about ¹⁄5 inch (5 mm) thick over the pan. DO NOT PRESS IT DOWN! Wait like 30/40 seconds and put your secret ingredientes on top. Cover with the lid and cook it for more 30/40 seconds till the cheese melts down and serve it. You can close it like a crepe (only pros, cause its easy to break) or you can serve like a gluten-free perfect pizza. 

Wow. Can we be ALDO’s TM?





Yes, these are ALDO’s actual pictures. Professional.

2 smashed bananas. 1 big spoon of organic honey. 30g strawberries. 30g blueberries. 30g of coconut chips. 30g of granola, chia, pumpkin seeds or any kind of cereal.

Sometimes you just need something healthy to cure your hangover and resurrect you during a tour. If you have a banana, it’s ridiculously simple to make a brunch-morning-style dish that’s gonna recompose you. With potassium you’ll avoid any cramps on stage too… sounds really nerdy, but it’s true.

Simply smash a banana with a fork and put some Brazilian organic honey from Mato Grosso state, cereals and citric fruits on top (we used strawberries and blueberries). And if you wanna give a really Brazilian touch, just add some crispy coconut chips. This time we also had a power ginger shot to go with it.


We think ALDO are going to be just fine…


Their debut EP, Trembling Eyelids is out August 30th. Don’t miss it.