Too Many Recipes: Tacocat’s Lelah Maupin makes breakfast

Ever wondered what your favourite band eats on tour? How do they start their day? Homemade gourmet brunch or a packet of cigs and a tub of hummus? Life’s full of unanswered questions and we’re determined to put an end to this being one of them.

This month, it’s the Seattle punk quartet Tacocat’s turn to talk us through a staple tour recipe.

No strangers to extensive touring and sub-par venue catering, and one of Sub Pop’s latest signings, Tacocat released their fourth full length LP This Mess Is a Place last month. The record finds the band digesting the concerning realities embedded within society today, not least the state of their government and its policies under Donald Trump. It’s a record that binds Tacocat’s energy and effervescence with a critique of the political system they live below.

But, whilst the record’s great and its messages important, this isn’t the only reason you’re here today. We want to know what Tacocat, a band named after both one of humankind’s finest culinary achievements and also (arguably) our finest domesticated animal, like to eat on tour. Luckily for you, we asked them. From the band themselves, here’s what Tacocat are cooking…


“Hello! We’re in a very late-80s Air B&B in St. Paul Minnesota at the moment. Lelah is making a big breakfast for 3 of 4 members of Tacocat (Emily doesn’t eat eggs, but she is supportive of this breakfast and is the one transcribing this beautiful recipe).”


Two table spoons of butter.

One container of white mushrooms, sliced.

A couple handfuls of washed kale pieces. 

Nine, yes NINE eggs.

A couple handfuls shredded sharp cheddar cheese. 


Heat the biggest frying pan you’ve got on medium-high.

Add butter to coat the pan. 

Add mushrooms, kale, and a splash of water so you’ve got a simultaneous sauté and steam going on.

Let it cook for about eight minutes, add more water, then cover with a lid (or a bowl in this case because we couldn’t find a lid).

Let it cook about five or more minutes, depending on how cooked you want your kale and mushrooms. The kale will cook down, you can add more if you want.

Once the eggs hit the pan, things go really quick! Turn the heat down to medium low, add more butter and water.

Scoot the kale and mushrooms over to one side of the pan and start cracking in your eggs, using the spatula to move them into the kale side once they’ve cooked for a few seconds.

Once all the eggs are in, add a little more water. That’s how you get fluffy eggs!

Keep mixing it up a bit, as you do for a scramble, but not too much. Put the lid back on to cook everything for one or two minutes. 

Turn the heat to low, add salt and pepper to taste, and add as much shredded cheese as you like. Gently stir the cheese in. Ta-da!