Beshken releases debut album ‘Aisle of Palm’

LA-via-NYC producer Beshken shared debut album Aisle of Palm on Friday via his new record label 29 Speedway.

This follows up from previously released singles ‘Cursed’, ‘Passion’ and most recently ‘White Gemini’.

The album matches indie, experimental dance & ambient sounds welded together with manipulated field recordings & synthesizers. The songs are a result of the producer’s own habitual sleeplessness and delicately swirl with feverish beauty.

Beshken explains, “Some people who have restless sleep can feel like they are floating, falling, and separating from their bodies before slumber. Others claim that they hear strange noises, voices and music as well as weird mechanistic sounds like beeps and boops during these liminal states. What would these noises sound like if they were to be captured and recorded during these so-called hypnagogic states, and what feelings would they evoke? Aisle of Palm reckons with transitional states, not just between wakefulness and sleep, but between places and within the self. In these moments there exists beauty, levity, melancholy, and hysteria.”

Listen to Aisle of Palm here