What’s New? ALDO – Trembling Eyes

Recently signed to Full Time Hobby, ALDO are a Brazilian synth pop sibling duo with atypical origins. The band, Andre and Mura Faria, were formed and named in honour of their Uncle Aldo, a once mischievous family figure. Aldo introduced the young brothers to Sao Paolo’s dark underbelly, taking them to illegal car races, organised football violence and booze-filled parties. Intentionally or not, these experiences formed much of the spirit that encouraged the brothers to pursue music and the project.

When Andre and Mura informed their uncle, now a much-reformed religious man, of their desire to name the band in his honour, Aldo initially resisted. The prospect of certain misdeeds being brought back to light caused some arguments and upset, but the brothers persisted. Eventually, their once hyper-frolicsome uncle agreed and, upon doing so, donated to them a mammoth collection of previously hidden-away vinyl. ALDO was born.

Watch the video to ALDO’s latest single “Trembling Eyes” below: