Album Review: The Ninth Wave – Infancy, Part One.

Up and coming Scottish group, The Ninth Wave, have just released the first part of their debut album, INFANCY, Part One. They have a sound that takes on so many different genres, blending them together into polished engaging songs that are all around just extremely pleasant to listen to. 

When listening to INFANCY Part One you’re hit with a feeling of familiarity as you sit trying to figure out who they sound like, only to realise you can’t quite put your finger on it. The deep and rich vocals of frontman Haydn Park-Patterson, mixing with the calming and beautifully melodic tones of bassist and vocalist Millie Kidd, to the effortlessly played synth-heavy new wave style music; The Ninth wave are definitely a band to watch. 

Throughout INFANCYPart One you can hear aspects of many great artists. With tones of Billy Idol, The Cure and Bauhaus, The Ninth Wave display a kind of 80’s inspired alternative to the current pop music scene. 

They give you a sense of nostalgia, like the memory of a song on the radio in your mum’s car when you were eight whilst also maintaining their own individuality and originality. This power that the band has to simultaneously make you feel like you know and love them but at the same time are experiencing something completely new in music will take them far. 

Each song brings something different to the table and picking a favourite is no easy choice. This entire album, especially their songs ‘This Broken Design’ and ‘Half Pure’,  would not seem out of place in a packed indie nightclub, both with their gradual build-up of volume and layers before hitting their psychedelic and exhilarating chorus’. Whilst ‘Used To Be Yours’ as well as ‘First Encounters’ could be playing in a student style live music bar. Both with a more chilled out uplifting vibe letting the vocals take centre stage. 

Most importantly though all the tracks sound as though they should be blasting out of the speaker systems of the new wave of youths who leave outdated social conventions behind, the people The Ninth Wave stand beside and represent. 

Personally, I think this entire album is just incredibly well done and the perfect alternative to those looking for a more indie hard-hitting sound to the modern-day pop scene. Their earlier EP’s were met with high regard and I feel this debut album will be no exception. 

Their two-part debut album, Infancy is set to be realised this year with Infancy, Part One out now and Infancy, part two to be realised on November 15th