What’s New? Far Caspian – A Dream of You

“A Dream of You” is the first single from Far Caspian’s upcoming debut EP, and it’s a glorious one. Shimmering synths, sun-drenched lilting guitars and breezy lyrics make this a single to be savored, ideally in the sunshine.

Originally beginning in Joel Johnston’s university halls before developing into a fully-fledged group with the addition of Jof on drums and Alessio on bass respectively. Far Caspian have quickly developed their own distinctive blend of soothing guitar-pop, and this brilliant new single demonstrates exactly why you should catch the Leeds trio on their upcoming debut headline tour this April.

After an intro that lures you into a false sense of security with its calming whirrs of analogue synth pads, the song then launches headfirst into a full-on flourishing summery burst of joy. True to its name, the mix of rich electronic textures is wonderfully dreamy, but its chorus packs a sizeable punch, and its seismic synth-fuelled hook will have you humming all summer long. Joel Johnston’s vocals leave us after three minutes, leaving an extended minute and a half instrumental outro, and why not let the music do the talking when it sounds so damn good?

It feels like fate that Far Caspian are dropping this tune just as the sun has started to rise from its Wintery slumber. So sit back and enjoy, because Far Caspian have just provided us with the perfect summer soundtrack.