What’s New? Black Midi – Crow’s Perch

Mysterious London-based Black Midi have just dropped their mind bending new track ‘Crow’s Perch’ on Rough Trade, produced by Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey. There’s been a lot of well deserved hype around the band in recent months with fans packing out venues to see their explosive live set which speaks volumes considering the little amount of recorded music available to listen to.

All of this has led those unfamiliar with the band to ask the question – “Who are this band selling out my local venue and what the hell do they sound like?” ‘Crow’s Perch’ is the response to that very question. Black Midi sound like a group that have come from another dimension, heard Earth music, taken some of the fundamental principles and then flipped the whole concept on it’s head. The track is filled with an array of sharp fiddly melodies that surround a driving bass repetition. One of the highlights here is undoubtedly Black Midi’s ability to experiment with rhythm, made possible by Morgan Simpson’s impeccable drumming. Their sound brings real charm with it’s other worldly vocals, quirky guitar riffs and unbelievable musical interplay.

Black Midi have already shown themselves to be a truly unique band that stand out in a very populated scene. By letting the music speak for itself and with little online presence they’ve managed to become the name on everyone’s lips. This is a definite must listen!