Label of the Month: Slow Dance’s Take Five

Currently in the spotlight as our Label of the Month, Slow Dance are one of London’s most exciting prospects, bringing exciting new acts to the fore. We asked the label to pick their five defining releases – here’s the six choices (‘cus fuck it’) they came back to us with.

GG Skips – How Different From The Last Day

This was a soundpiece from our very own GG Skips about diversity in ‘The Academy’ shown in the room opposite ours in the RA when we did our night there.

Stal Kingsley – Outrun By A Plastic Bag

If this isn’t an underground lo-fi classic in the next 10 years then I don’t know what is. Truly great album.

Various artists – Slow Dance ’18

Our latest compilation, everything from jazz-techno to medieval trap. And look at that cover art by Felix Bayley Higgins, phwooor!

Late Works – TWO

Joe Hill, who we work with, does these amazing responsive nights ‘Late Works’, where musicians respond to artworks.

Muscut – VA Test Pressing II

Muscut are a label we truly admire both from an experimental music and design front, we are chuffed to be flying them over from Ukraine.

And if you’re after more recommendations from Slow Dance, head here for their office playlist.