What’s New? Pregoblin – Combustion

You would be easily forgiven for thinking that Pregoblin’s debut single, ‘Combustion’ is nothing more than a simple 80s throwback pop song; with loud claps, funky background guitars and overbearing piano strokes, but once you truly grasp what they’re doing – you’ll realise it’s different in all the right ways.

Not satisfied with just the one vocal line, the main vocal is layered with an almost unnerving backing vocal an octave down, helping to build a slight layer of tension underneath the incredibly upbeat main melody. Maniacal background noises linger on top of that with just enough weird to make the track really stand out.

One of the biggest pitfalls of launching a debut single is finding the right balance between sounding unique and finding a sound people will fall in love right away. With this brief introduction, Pregoblin have absolutely nailed it and we’re very excited to see what comes along next.