Globetrotting: Double Mixte – Romance Noire

If there’s something to be said for blogging and reviewing music, it’s that you genuinely never know what you’re going to get, and whilst I did not expect to be listening to French Electronica today, I am loving it! Double Mixte are self described as a ‘digital thunderstorm of neon lit noire’, and I’m inclined to agree with them. This debut offering, ’Romance Noire’, released on ‘Italians Do It Better’ is a simply electric track (pun intended), and is testament to the true depth and sheer brilliance you can get from Electronic music, a genre which I find is often written off by some before they even listen.

Feeling more akin to something straight out of a Sci-Fi flick, the track is synth heaven, with a thunderous thumping bass, arpeggiators galore, and just a touch of beautiful French lyrics over the top to top it all off. Rather than falling static, the track ebbs and flows, making sure to add new elements every few bars to keep you listening the entire way through, from the big stuff such as huge washes, to the more subtle layers of bass variations and pads shifting in and out of focus. All of this builds up into a track which so much great stuff in it, I’m surprised they could find room for it. For want of a more technical way of putting it, ‘Romance Noire’ makes me feel like I’m living in a real-life Blade Runner movie. It’s tremendously cool, masterfully produced, chock full of intrigue, and quite simply, very, very good.

Listen to ‘Romance Noire’ below:

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