Album Review: Drenge – Strange Creatures

Since the release of their self-titled debut back in the late Summer of 2013, Drenge have been on a slow, but well-trodden path to darkness. The further exploration of ‘alas, woe is me’ was strikingly brilliant towards the end of head-turning sophomore record, Undertow. Further finding the time to take some strides away culminated in last year’s return single ‘This Dance’, a welcome snippet of what was to come. If 2019 is to see them breakthrough even further to the other side, it’ll be new release Strange Creatures that propels them elsewhere.

Without wanting to ruin any credibility I might have ever had as a writer, this really is a strange experience to listen to especially the first time around. You could say it’s a … strange creature. In all seriousness, the delicacies of the record are where it really shines. The early-squelches of ‘Autonomy’, a mystical saxophone inserted in the most pristine way at the latter moments of ballad/not-ballad ‘Prom Night’. Even the introduction of early single ‘This Dance’ might sound more like early-Drenge than anything else on the table currently, but this will lead it to taking apart crowds on next month’s tour.

Strange Creatures is available now through Infectious Music. Pre-order here.