What’s New? BADGIRL$ – ONLY 1

Manchester’s notorious indie scene has been somewhat lacking in serious talent and ingenuity for a while, which has thankfully made way for other genres that may have been previously pushed to one side, the opportunity to step into the city’s limelight.

Starting with an impassioned yelp, debut single ‘ONLY 1’ from BADGIRL$ brings the intensity, passion and unique sound our city has been waiting in just 2 minutes. The Manchester trio manage to create an incredibly subtle blend of emo, trap and indie traits. Growing up on an amazingly eclectic variety of music between them such as The Cure, N.E.R.D, Bombay Bicycle Club, Snoop Dogg, Placebo – it’s no surprise they’ve produced such a genre-defying track.

For fans of Lil Peep but also Joy Division – don’t sleep on BADGIRL$…