What’s New? Grand Pax – Bunk

Grand Pax’s latest offering ‘Bunk’ comes via indie label Blue Flowers, home to next-big-thing Nilufer Yanya and TMB fave Westerman. If you’re a fan of either of those two then give this a whirl – it’s sufficiently different to not be a poor man’s re-tread but it mines the same vein.

‘Bunk’ feels very modern, with its stripped-back, computerised beats beneath half-mumbled vocals. It builds and builds but never fully takes off; in fact the pay-off is that it doesn’t. If it were a building it’d be Scandinavian, all white timber and glass and spotlessly clean but with the slight potential to end up being the setting of a depressing neo-noir detective programme.

There’s a bit of buzz growing around Grand Pax – if you want to catch her before she follows Yanya and Westerman into the indie boomtimes then she’s supporting IDER on their February/March tour.