What’s New? H. Grimace – She’s In A State

After an explosive first album in the form of 2017’s Self Architect, London based H. Grimace are back with an excellent new single ‘She’s In A State’. The band has yet to bring a song to the table that disappoints; seeming to have perfected a flawless combination of beautiful shoegaze and melodious post-punk.

On this new track, H. Grimace appears to have really honed in on this ability with production that lends itself to the melodic guitar riffs. The chorus on this is particularly strong, pairing Hannah Gledhill’s unique vocal sound with lush repetitive guitar melodies.

The track has a lot of different qualities to it that would appeal to fans of Sonic Youth’s noisy sprawling punk sound to the more controlled and melody forward aesthetics of Deerhunter and Ulrika Spacek. Give it a listen below…