What’s New? Bibio – Curls

It’s been ten years since Bibio‘s charming patchwork debut, Ambivalence Avenue, and two years since the mesmerising if slightly mystifying atmospherics of Phantom Brockworks. And if ‘Curls’ is any indication, the Wolverhampton producer’s next offering will be just as intriguing, set for an exploration of the more esoteric end of his songwriting.

Frolicking in far warmer, earthier environs than anything on Phantom Brickworks, the new single finds Bibio celebrating the little things in life and nature, with the music suitably and deliberately quaint. While both the subject matter and the winding violin melody might seem a little hackneyed at a distance, Bibio’s careful sincerity and unerring composition imbue the track with enthralling appeal by the end of its three minutes and eighteen seconds.

What will be yet more interesting, though, will be how this tracks slots into a wider piece of work. ‘Curls’ certainly seems to be a step back from the conceptual format of Phantom Brickworks and towards the sound permeating 2016’s A Mineral Love.

But given Stephen Wilkinson’s vast range as a musician, ‘Curls’ seems less of a fork in the road and more of a roundabout when it comes to guessing just where Bibio is going to go next.