What’s New? 404 – Fearful

Although it’s factually difficult to define London 5-piece 404 as a “collective”, their overwhelming presence and musical vision makes it feel as though there’s many more minds behind their uncompromising sound.
The 5-piece themselves prefer the term “creative network”, a fitting title for a diverse DIY bunch who have spent years working together self-promoting shows and releasing off-the-cuff tracks via SoundCloud.

Now, having just signed to Dirty Hit, 404 have put out their first official mark on the music in the form of new single ‘Fearful’. Progressive, abrasive and not for the faint of heart, ‘Fearful’ is a “damning analysis of government surveillance and moral panic” using Transport for London’s (imo terrible) catchphrase for reporting crimes and unusual activity “See It, Say It, Sorted” as the tracks’ recurring theme. Managing to display every member’s unique style and sound in both audio and visual forms, the only thing for you to do now is to get on down to their next live show. I can vouch that their mix of hip-hop and electronica creates a ferocious energy that really is one of a kind.

With everything 404 have created so far and their debut EP due to drop next month, there’s certainly no error here…