What’s New? black midi – speedway

As songs go, it’s quite hard to know where to start with the new black midi single, ‘speedway’, as it’s really one of the most unique tracks we’ve heard in a good while.

There’s an underlying repetitive beat, overlaid with droning guitars, metallic glitches and dark synths, all of which build up into a very industrial and tense atmosphere. Just when you expect it to go into something more typical like a big chorus or some major chords, it adds more elements of glitching and chiming, continuing the growth of the song into something truly unique. Singing takes a backseat, with spoken vocals speaking in paraphrased moments, feeling more like a jigsaw from which, you can take your own meaning and imagery from, as oppose to something very straightforward.

The song is complex, and if you’re looking for an easy-going rock ballad to listen to, this isn’t the place. It’s fresh, it’s atmospheric, and it’s very very exciting. Having just signed to Rough Trade Records, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot from black midi in future.

Check out ‘speedway’ plus 3 remixes from prock fiscal, kwake bass & blanck mass below: