What’s New? Black Country, New Road – Athens, France

Black Country, New Road are a recently formed six-piece who’ve been supporting the likes of DUDS, Bo Ningen and U.S Girls. Their first single ‘Athen’s, France’, released on Speedy Wunderground and produced by Dan Carey, has a fresh brooding take on modern post-punk music.

The track opens with punchy, precise instrumentation before suddenly exploding into a momentous chorus that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Slint track. This sets the tone for the song as it takes a variety of twists and turns including some delicate brass sections with hushed lyrics before rocketing into heavier moments where jarring guitars are juxtaposed with deeply emotive lyrics.

Overall it’s an excellent first single for the band and an exciting insight at things to come. Black Country, New Road have really set the bar for something new and interesting in the genre of post-punk, a must listen to for fans of Protomartyr, Preoccupations and Iceage.