EP Review: Pink Siifu – I’m Still

Pink Siifu serves up another languorous patchwork of dusty loops, watery guitar tones and samples that I and the rest of the internet haven’t yet managed to locate. Inadherent to limitations of genre labels, as always – last year even saw him take a Bad Brains-inspired foray into punk “for black and brown people” – this 12 minute EP feels like a textured collage of words and sounds that leak into each other, as opposed to a linear progression of songs with beginnings and ends. 

Lyrics as candid and revelatory as ever (“papa calling when he’s drunk / I should pick up more”; “I’m bad at making time for somebody who don’t make time for me”) are rapped, spoken, sung, growled. The lo-fidelity and barely perceptible vocals always slipping in and out of earshot don’t chill the warmth that Pink Siifu nurtures in his music; rather, they contribute to its meditative quality as he preaches peacefulness and positivity (“black men, stay safe, stay safe, vigilant”).