What’s New? Horsey – Bread & Butter

Abstract? Absurd? Alien? Horsey’s latest release, ‘Bread & Butter’ is a bombastic freakshow of a track.

Brace yourself, it gets weird. ‘Bread & Butter’ is an eclectic mish-mash of mood, style and sounds sourced from Disco, Punk and 60s Psychadelia. South Londoners Horsey have produced a dynamic bit of noise that can be described as nothing short of surreal, with a disgustingly bizarre video to boot.

‘Bread & Butter’ subverts romance for obscene biology, doing away with fancy prose and opting for hawks, vultures and mingling tongues. Boosted by a self-directed video packed with pornographic imagery, frogs humping, a boozed-up Darth Maul and sultry seagulls, Horsey are not a band that compromises it’s viscosity. ‘Bread & Butter’ is one for the freaks.


& catch ’em live here:
Jan 30th: The Social, London
Feb 2nd: Amersham Arms, London