What’s New? FUR – Him and Her

Brighton based FUR start their new year with the release of ‘‘Him and Her’, the second track from their upcoming EP.

The track is undeniably upbeat and catchy, my head instinctively bobbed along as I listened to it. This contrasts nicely with the lyrical content as frontman, Murray, sings about wrestling with doubts regarding a partner or lover. It’s desperation in lyrics such as “all I care about is you” yet realization in “I thought about pretending things were still the same as they were”, acknowledging once trust has been broken you can’t ignore it, even if you want to. It’s a love song that’s doesn’t come across as cheesy or overly cliché which is refreshing especially given their nostalgic feel.

This follow-up to their first track from the EP paves the way for an extremely cohesive release as I expect and look forward to more characteristically 50’s inspired indie-pop from FUR. As a band that seems to specialize in love songs, their debut self-titled EP is fittingly scheduled for release February, 14th, 2019.