What’s New? Body Meat – NAIROBI FLEX

Body Meat; a blunt name that conjures images of raw blood and naked figures is perhaps an apt name to describe a group that are ripping up the cold, hard staple music conventions and throwing its limp flesh into a blender ready to create a cacophonous (not culinary) masterpiece that even Heston Blumenthal would be proud of.

Stunning synths, sample sounds and so much more attack the senses before vocoder-fuelled vocals join the charge “Complication in override, I don’t wanna wait here like all my life, modulation in overdrive, I just wanna wait here.” To try and explain this track would be to do Body Meat a disservice, as this impossibly interesting and innovative track simply deserves your undivided attention.

Heston probably didn’t actually like egg & bacon ice-cream the first time he tasted it, so if you think this sounds like erratic noise initially, I’d highly recommend giving it another go…


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