What’s New? Glen the Saiyan – Love Glen

Coming to our attention through the wonderful Spencer. (who handled production here), this new track from glen the saiyan is our favourite release of 2019 so far.

For fans of Kojey Radical, ‘Love Glen’ showcases the saiyan’s beautifully low and husky voice as he pens lines around a seemingly complicated relationship. Glen feels like she “kills my feelings” but it all changes as he “gave her green now she actin brand new”, finally calling out in hopeful confidence “you ain’t lovin Josh, bitch you lovin Glen”.

Subtle drums, melancholic guitar lines and piercing synths make for an incredibly apt base to a track about love possibly lost and reminiscing on “what could have been”. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for what’s next from him, after this top track we already Love Glen.