What’s New? Orville Peck – Big Sky

The huge resurgence that country music has undergone in recent years has seen the genre shed stereotypes of rhinestoned cliches for a hip and more subversive breed of musician. Another addition to this exciting, growing talent pool is the enigmatic Orville Peck. His new song, the chillingly beautiful ‘Big Sky’ (and the nightmarish video that accompanies it), wouldn’t feel out of place within a disturbing David Lynch-esque vision of modern America.

‘Big Sky’ certainly possesses many of the component parts that place it alongside more accessible proponents of the genre. It is instrumentally familiar with a crooning timbre to the vocals, but the country canvas is stripped back in Orville Peck’s hands. The guitars tremble and echo menacingly and sombre banjo inflections subtly threaten instead of thrill and the cadence is spectral. If the music challenges the stereotypes, then it is the dark themes that reinforce this impression. This is an America of losers, floozies and hustlers and Orville Peck’s place in this lurid landscape makes for enigmatic alternative to the more glamourous stars of American country music, that you have to experience to believe.

You can check out this masked troubadour at the usual online places:


Catch him live at the following London dates in 2019:

Feb. 28 – London, UK – Islington
Mar. 01 – London, UK – Servant Jazz Quarters
Mar. 02 – London, UK – The Shacklewell Arms

* w/ Lord Huron