What’s New? Café Spice – Lauren

If you ever wanted to know what a hug in song form feels like, look no further than Manchester-based folk trio Café Spice. Consisting of Georgia Gage, Niamh Feeney and Eleanor Lang, the group have been making their rounds on the local music scene, impressing with their vocal prowess and ability to blend harmonies seamlessly. Channelling their nod to traditional English folk influences, the trio still manage to give the genre a youthful flavour; their debut single, ‘Lauren’, the first song written by the trio, is lyrically about Gage’s little sister and childhood singing partner, and the love that encompasses that sisterly bond. However, the band explain that overall, the song is about “missing home, the songs and the people we grew up with.” Headlining Jimmy’s on the 6th of February, the group’s warm and cosy aura will make you want nothing more than for them to sing you to sleep.