What’s New? Brad Stank – Take Me to The Crib

Rising talent Brad Stank reminds me of an interesting version of George Ezra. Their music couldn’t be further apart, but his one-dimensional baritone delivery actually works in his favour and particularly goes well with this track.

Allowing the music to take the forefront, his voice simply enriches the sonics of ‘Take Me to The Crib’, which is led by a tender guitar riff and airy snaps to craft a song I could only describe as jazz-pop – fit for a moonlit night on the roof watching the stars.

It appears as another smooth, sultry R&B song made for relaxation, but this all changes as we reach the bridge, where a funky, face clenching guitar solo comes and kicks the doors down. Taking the forefront for a brief moment – the solo displays Stank’s impressive melody-based approach to the instrumental – as the solo almost matches the melody. Before settling into the background as the chorus gets another spin and the tune slowly fades out.

Stank is the latest soldier to join an army of DIY musicians who are producing high-quality music in their bedrooms. Operating out of Liverpool, where he moved five years ago for university, he has racked up an impressive amount of plays on Spotify for an emerging artist, with two of his tracks clocking up over a million plays.