What’s New? Lacuna Common – Lack Of Knowledge

Oxford-based Indie trio Lacuna Common have released an urgent new single, ‘Lack of Knowledge’. The band have been gaining buzz thanks to a successful stint supporting Hinds and Sports Team.

The most striking thing about the band is their energy, something they truly showcase on ‘Lack of Knowledge’, a track which is causing considerable waves online. It’s massive chorus nestled between well-crafted verses take the listener on a journey through the pubs of Oxford.

‘Lack of Knowledge’ is thoroughly British, despite some echoes of Parquet Courts in Lacuna Common’s sound. The track talks about that very English pastime of discussing the people you meet at the pub. Vocalist Alfie Franks told explains how the lyrics came about:

'The track itself was written in about 30 minutes, like most of our tracks. We like to write quickly and not think about it too deeply. If a song doesn’t feel right immediately we will scrap it off.

Lyrically, it’s based on a few people we often see down the pub or out in our hometown. A lot of young people round there tend to not do anything with their lives … They’re just happy to go and cheat on their girlfriends at weekends and waste all their money.'

This indie banger has been out for a week and is already drawing a lot of attention to Lacuna Common, be sure to check them out before someone smugly introduces you to ‘the next big thing’.