What’s New? Emilie Kahn – Island

Montreal harpist Emilie Kahn returns with her latest single, ‘Island’. Previously known as Emilie and Ogden (Ogden is the name of her harp), the full-name switch reflects the singer’s increasing maturity both in her latest project and artistry, fitting with the debut of second album ‘Outro’ in February 2019 under Montreal’s legendary Secret City Records. ‘Island’ is the first release under Kahn’s new moniker, still encapsulating her signature ethereal sound whilst addressing an issue close to her heart: “I think as women we are often made to feel like we should be in competition with each other, something I’ve always felt in the music industry. I wrote ‘Island’ about that feeling of isolation that comes with worrying that you may never be special enough.’’ Kahn’s sentiment is unashamedly heard in her pleading-like vocals, which are spread delicately over the wistfulness of intricately-played harp runs. Perfect for the autumnal weather, this track will make you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and daydream out of your window, wishing desperately you were on a magical ‘Island’ somewhere.