What’s New? W. H. Lung – Overnight Phenomenon

Mysterious Mancunians W. H. Lung are back with new track ‘Overnight Phenomenon’. The song title doesn’t apply to the band – they appeared on these pages back in 2016 and in 2017, and have performed at multiple festivals, but they’re still keeping their cards very close to their chests. In fact, it’s not even clear if they’re a band at all – the website describes them as a ‘recording project’ while the promo for upcoming gigs talks about a ‘he’.

Regardless, ‘Overnight Phenomenon’ fits in very well alongside their previous cuts. A slow-burning, hypnotic, post-punkish track, it swirls around in the most sinister way possible, creeping its way under your skin and into your head without you really noticing. It builds and brews and bubbles but never takes off, which feels like a very deliberate decision.

In an era when a couple of releases can catapult an artist into the clouds it’s quite refreshing for a band/project/artist to retain an air of mystique. And whatever they/it/he is, songs like ‘Overnight Phenomenon’ mean the buzz around W. H. Lung is only going to grow.