Interview: A Few Questions with Wooze

After storming their way into our favourite new bands with their first two singles ‘Hello Can You Go’ and ‘Party Without Ya’, South London-via-Korea two-piece Wooze have returned with another stellar slice of riff-heavy power pop, ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’.

Impressed with their bombastic riffs, we reached out to the duo to learn more about them, their new single and who they’re listening to.

Could you introduce yourselves for us?

Hey I’m Theo and I play guitar. Jamie plays the drums and we both sing.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Brixton Hill and Peckham.

How are you enjoying the reception to your new single ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’?

We’re really happy it’s out as we’d been sitting on it for ages. People have been saying nice things about the song which is a bonus as well.

Theo, how did you learn to play the guitar behind your back?

I did it to make Jamie laugh in a rehearsal and then thought it was about time I had a gimmick. I’m working towards a backflip while playing.

How did your striking look develop?

We’ve shared clothes for years so it was just a matter of synchronising what we wore.

Who do you listen to together as a band?

At the moment Limbo Panto by Wild Beasts is on loop. Lots of Yukihiro Takahashi as well and we’ve been really into Halo Maud who we played with in Bristol.

Could you recommend any new acts to check out?

Pleasure Complex are the best live band around. Show Boy and Grace Lightman are also brilliant.

What does the future hold for Wooze?

We’re recording an EP right now which is gonna be released next year. We’ve got a few festivals this year and then we’re heading to Seoul to shoot another vid and play some shows, which is a first for us and something we’ve wanted to do for ages so we’re pumped.

Thanks guys!