What’s New? Talkboy – Over & Under

The latest single from Leeds-based indie rockers Talkboy is an ecstatic fast-paced romp fresh from the soundtrack of your teenage fantasies. ‘Over & Under’ is a madcap joyride through feelings of confusion and detachment at a party despite being surrounded by friends

Talkboy play with a similar combination of joy and angst as Southern contemporaries itoldyouiwouldeatyou and Orchards, albeit without the math-rock tendencies of the latter. Instead they opt for a more straightforward brand of urgency. The track hurtles along at breakneck speed yet it never falls apart into unlistenable messiness. Quite the opposite –  they’re incredibly tight, with the vocal harmonies remaining consistent and the stops and starts in the verses drilled to perfection.

The band are clearly still excited about playing together and it comes through in ‘Over & Under’s unabashed sense of elation. It’s a good cry-dance track – one to bop wildly to limbs akimbo whilst also having a cathartic cry about your anxieties.