What’s New? Snapped Ankles – Drink and Glide

Snapped Ankles are gloriously weird. Their camo-net swamp monster costumes and their penchant for waving logs at shows might be the most eye-catching elements of the secretive London group, but sticky, hypnotic synths, angry guitars and pounding rhythms are their crowning glory.

Returning with new single ‘Drink and Glide’, the track teases a forthcoming, as-yet-unannounced project and finds the group stepping out from the woods and into the concrete jungle. Tight riffs and catchy chants spin a new edge to the woodfolk as if King Gizzard dabbled in 80s new wave.

The single is proffered as both a reboot and a remedy to modern-day self-improvement, commenting on the co-opting of counter-culture ideas. Arriving with the bizarre promise that the band will soon be offering baby yoga classes in a nearby warehouse, details are reliably cryptic and sparse. See you back here for more when the group choose to walk amongst us humans again.


Lead image: Kasia Wozniak