What’s New? satanic ritual abuse – I.L.Y.

satanic ritual abuse is the project of Josh Cohen, a man more commonly found behind former Label of the Month Memorials of Distinction. Stepping out from behind one morbid moniker and comfortably into another, Cohen has been recording bedroom demos since the age of 16 and has finally decided to release them as a collection via MoD – safe in the knowledge that alongside a roster of Tree House, Porridge Radio and Viewfinder, he couldn’t possibly prompt the downfall of his own label.

Not that he should have anything to worry about: ‘I.L.Y.’ is a sensual force to be reckoned with. Creeping out with a sultry bassline, simple percussion and gorgeously distorted vocals, it eventually escalates to layer up scuzzy guitar, caustic techno and hooky samples, drifting toward The Acid-style production.

Announcing the arrival of Cohen as an artist with a tempting whisper, it’s an understated and impeccable introduction. A full album, Hurting, arrives 30th November. Pre-order here.