What’s New? [ K S R ] – Sweet

“It smells so sweet, when you play the song on repeat” damn right it does, [ K S R ]. The title perfectly explains the vibe of this song, I don’t think there’s another adjective to better describe it, it’s gorgeous.

R&B has been taken far away from what it originally was and intended to be, with smooth beats and irresistible vocals taking a backseat making room for mid-tempo club bangers – but in recent years – artists like Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar have carved out a new sound for singers to take influence from. [ K S R ] follows suit, with a sweet dose of Manchester soul, he’s creating a soft, smooth consistent sound, melting hearts from North to South.

Horns take centre stage in the intro, kicking off a beautifully simplistic song that ends earlier than your heart and ears want it to. Heavy hitting snaps and soft cymbals combine with light, bright keys, creating the perfect ambience for KSR to croon through – and the track is only enriched further with silky harmonies shimmering in the background. His soothing falsetto cuts right through to hit you in your chest.

If you take one thing from today, it’s to listen out for [ K S R ].

Catch him at LEAF on Portland Street in Manchester on the 8th November, find the event here.