Too Many Recipes: Pizzagirl’s Post-Party Breakfast Bagel

Ever wondered what your favourite band eats on tour? How do they start their day? Homemade gourmet brunch or a packet of cigs and a tub of hummus? Life’s full of unanswered questions and we’re determined to put an end to this being one of them, so we’re on a mission to find the best meals, snacks and treats from some of your favourite musicians.

This edition of Too Many Recipes comes from dream-pop upcomer Pizzagirl, in celebration of new single ‘body part’ – which is on serious repeat this week.

We, as perhaps you also, presumed that Pizzagirl would be making a large, circular, traditionally Italian dish for this feature but no! Keeping us on our toes, and inspired by many a late-night soiree with his friends, Pizzagirl is taking us through how to make his special post-party veggie breakfast bagel. (We also recommend our Spotify playlist as a perfecting cooking soundtrack.) Let’s go!



One large bagel

One Avocado

Two medium sized eggs

Mozzarella (grated)

Maple syrup


The night before, gather some of ur best pals and party til the early morning to a collection of 80s/90s/early 00s pop hits! Wake up still mildly tipsy and head to the KITCHEN!

Boil a kettle and pour the boiling water into a frying pan, add a lil dash of vinegar to the boiling water and place the eggs in the pan for about 30 seconds.

Take the eggs out of the water and stir the pan to generate a mini radical whirlpool and then crack the eggs into the centre of the pan to create the perfect poach!

Whilst the eggs are poaching, slice open an avocado and mash into a bowl, adding pepper for taste.

Slice the bagel in half and toast, then spread the mashed avocado onto the two halves, and once the eggs are firm and cooked, remove from the pan (draining any water from those cheeky egg guys) and place on the bed of avocado!

Spinkle some grated cheese over your freshly made party bagel and add a dash of maple syrup on top for a sweet kick to your post-party palette!

For an added crunch! Add some spinach leaves to enhance the protein punch and presentation!

Finally, wake up all your pals, show them this supreme creation and chow down as they watch in resentment as they simply don’t have the skills to prepare something this professional!


And what a creation it is! Check out Pizzagirl’s latest creations in music and cuisine below: