What’s New? Daniel Caesar – Who Hurt You?

Daniel Caesar isn’t really an artist that comes to mind when you think about strip clubs and partying, he’s more mellow rainy days and peaceful Sunday evenings, but life on the road seems to have brought out a different side to him.

Frequent collaborators Matthew Burnett and Jordan Evans (who were executive producers on Caesar’s 2017 album Freudian) return to create the soulful, signature sound so familiar with his music. Occasional drips of electric guitar mixed with a sensual bassline and deep, muffled vocals form the basis of a beat that fittingly allows Caesar’s voice to naturally carry the track – whilst the background harmonies and his enticing falsetto enrich the song to complete the slam dunk.

There is one strange piece of the song where he seems to adopt a trap-like flow, his tone significantly drops, and a vocal effect deepens his voice as he croons about how much money he blew in the strip club. It’s unexpected yet both intriguing and pleasing to hear.

You could say this track is a pretty bold move from Caesar, whilst his silky, smooth voice remains present for the bulk of the song, the lyrics take us to an intriguing place. He longs to be taken back to Atlanta and reunited with a girl named Pricilla, reflecting on the amount of money he spent in a strip club. A missed connection ad on Craigslist (posted by Caesar himself on Instagram) reveals the story behind the lyrics, in the ad he searches for a stripper in a blonde wig he met in an Atlanta strip club – after spending the night with her and giving her $3400 – he lost her phone number and urges her to email him.

Certainly, an unusual way to announce a song, but it’s extremely interesting and fresh to see his honesty about why and how the song was penned. Hopefully, Caesar carries on in the direction he takes with this song and continues to sing about strippers in such a beautiful, expressive way.