What’s New? Public Memory – Red Rainbow

It’s more than two years since Robert Toher, formerly of ERAAS and Apse, embraced his digital darkside and debuted his solo project Public Memory with Wuthering Drums. Impressively finding a space all of its own at the crowded intersection of trip-hop and darkwave electronics, the album avoided pastiche with an injection of krautrock sensibilities and a preoccupation with percussion.

The release of sophomore LP Demolition now looms (out Nov 9 on Felte), and if ‘The Line’, the album’s first single, hinted Public Memory’s sound might be simplifying a little, ‘Red Rainbow’ should be reassurance that things are just as tense, twisted and compelling as ever.

Citing influences as unnerving as Jesus’ betrayer Judas Iscariot and the “omnipotent, pervading essence of night-time,” ‘Red Rainbow’ sees the Brooklyn-based producer at his tenebrous best, weaving synth lines into a shady veil over a relentless rhythmic shuffle. Melancholic and magnetic all at once, the invocation of the garden of Gethsemane is appropriate as the track builds to a sense of preternatural twilight. Listen below: