PREMIERE: Post Yoga – Get Brain

Chris Barrett is a busy man. If he wasn’t already too preoccupied with thrashing lo-fi guitar in Something Anorak or flirting with charming folk via Pictures of Belgrade, he’s picked up a keyboard and re-invented himself again. Post Yoga is his new project and runs a line in worn-out, space pop. Eerie falsetto, swirling synths and plinking keyboard combine into a collection of hypnotic anthems.

The forthcoming album, Caught, is previewed by lead single ‘Get Brain’, premiering below. The album arrives November 2nd, courtesy of Bowl Cut Records.

Of the project, Barrett adds: ‘It was an album made out of being bored of picking up the guitar to write music, in the way I did with Something Anorak and Pictures of Belgrade. I found a battered old keyboard in a charity shop for £4 and that was it! A live band is in the works with shows expected for the early part of next year.’