Album Review: Doe – Grow Into It

Two years on from their debut LP on Specialist Subject, London based three-piece Doe return with their second LP Grow Into It via Big Scary Monsters and Topshelf Records. It’s a record that sees the band honing their craft and perfecting their formula.

Doe - Grow Into It artwork

Opener ‘My Friends’ sees Nicola and Jake’s vocals trade off before merging into a typically melodic and obviously huge chorus, whereas single ‘Labour Like I Do’ might be the catchiest song that the band have done to date – the band’s knack for beautiful intertwining guitar parts fully on display. If the band’s debut, Some Things Last Longer Than You, was the sound of the London three-piece sowing the seeds (honestly, no pun intended) then Grow Into It is that hard work coming to fruition, and tracks like ‘Motivate Me’ and ‘Cathy’ show that no end.

But it would be a disservice to the imagination and vision of the band’s newest record to say that it’s simply a better version of their previous output. Indeed, there are moments of Grow Into It that make it genuinely exciting to think about what Doe can become and are taking steps towards. Take album closer ‘Here in the Dirt’ for example. Bearing all the above hallmarks of what makes Doe so special, in particular the wonderful vocals which feel closer and more intricate, it’s a song that feels like a band really finding their feet and being able to take their sound in the new directions.

Throughout the album, Doe build on everything that made their debut LP so promising and add even more to that mixture to boot. It’s the sound of a band fully growing into themselves and clearly being keen to be the best they can be. To put it simply, if anyone had any doubts as to how special a band Doe are, Grow Into It puts all those doubts to rest.