What’s New? Lala Lala – Dove

Hardly Art‘s latest signing, Lala Lala is the project of London-born, LA-raised, Chicago-residing Lillie West.

Her sophomore album The Lamb, out this Friday 28th, could be one of the standout records of its genre so far this year. Poignant indie-rock is a phrase that gets thrown about a little too often, but The Lamb embodies the sub-genre aesthetic at its best. Anchored by powerful melodies, West boldly delivers honest, moving lyrics across personal topics such as a home invasion, death and her recent decision to go straight edge.

Earlier this month, she released her third single from the upcoming album. “Dove” is a beautiful but tormented ode to the death of a loved one and the following sense of guilt she went on to feel. Listen below:

See below for a full tracklist for Lala Lala’s superb sophomore album coming this Friday:

  1. Destroyer
  2. Spy
  3. Water Over Sex
  4. I Get Cut
  5. Dove
  6. Dropout
  7. The Flu
  8. Copycat
  9. Scary Movie
  10. Moth
  11. When You Die
  12. See You At Home