What’s New? TVAM – Narcissus

The hotly tipped psychedelic, electronic post-punk outfit, TVAM have released a third single ahead of their imminent debut album, ‘Psychic Data’, arriving on 19th of October.

‘Narcissus’ perpetuates TVAM producer, Joe Oxley’s affinity for Terminator-like industrialism. Imposingly dystopian machine-like textures infiltrate the track, facilitated by the use of screeching synthesisers and titillatingly high-pitched guitar trills. Taken alongside the unrelentingly futuristic robotic rhythm, the track constructs imagery of vast manufacturing facilities with homogenous assembly lines churning out analogous products which beep into existence, powered by the electronic life force of TVAM’s incessant, driving low-level bass sounds.

Machines and augmentations to our physical reality are ever present and dictate daily life the world over. It leaves TVAM to question our technology and social media-induced paranoia in heavily disguised and indistinct vocals on ‘Narcissus’. It’s incessant rhythm set against the paranoia driven textures of dissimilated vocals, guitar and synthesiser reflect the millennial desire to ignore our austerity ravaged and anxiety stricken society and instead carry on and make the best of the world we have inherited and move forward.

It’s electronic post-punk in the purest sense. Token additions of 80s style synthesiser set against frenetic punk are not welcome here, instead, TVAM jumps into the dauntingly futuristic sound with full force. It proves itself as music for the modern age, with the seamless reach across a multitude of genres. This track and indeed TVAM’s previous releases will be just as comfortable on daytime radio as they would be in a late night dance venue. So, while you can, join the assembly line, question social media, stare in the face of technological paranoia, and assimilate yourself to the machine like textures of TVAM.