Interview: A Conversation with Free Money

Free Money are a foursome making serious waves right now. Just as much a bank as they are a band, you’ll find them on socials as the @bankoffreemoney. We were introduced to ‘the bank’ with a statement explaining their three core values and coyly offering us an account: “Joy, Acceptance and Optimism. Tasked with spreading these core values, our ambassadors, known as ‘Free Money’, represent our organisation in the real world, performing for the people that matter most, people like you.” After such an exciting inauguration, we had to have a chat and see what these guys are all about…

(It went so well that we’ve got them on Too Many Blogs’ #BLOGTOBER gig on the 20th October! Details here, if you’re in London, come on down.)



Hi guys, how’s it going in the bank of Free Money?

We’re glad to inform you that we have a stable record of significant dividend payments and have a reputation of sound fiscal management. In other words, we’re doing great thanks for asking!


How did the band come together?

Lucky dip.


‘Up In The Sky’ has generated a fair amount of buzz and radio plays already from Radio X and BBC Radio 1, has its popularity been a surprise?

It’s outperformed any of the simulated forecast projections presented during our biweekly meetings! We can only congratulate the great team we have working on the release and the lovely folks at the aforementioned radio stations.


In the increasingly dark and ever developing dystopian world we now seem to live in, joy acceptance and optimism seem to be needed more than ever. How do you guys plan on bringing that to the masses?

Join us at the Bank of Free Money for regular deposits of optimism and joy direct into your account! Or come to one of our shows and experience the transaction in person. It’s that simple.

You’ve developed quite the reputation for your live shows, what do they bring to the table that we can’t experience on record?

A friendly but professional atmosphere…jks! It’s not professional at all and that’s the point. Just a positive and positively loud party to spread the joy.


How has working with Communion and Buff been for you so far as their community led and artist focused ethos seems very much in line with your own?

It’s been really great and we’ve developed a really close-knit team, especially creatively with Buff leader Dan White.


Having indie stalwarts like Dan and Blaine must be a great help, how it’s been working with them?

Super positive. We’ve learned a lot from them and everyone’s put in so much hard work it’s great to finally get it out there.


Through his production on Up In The Sky’ has Dan had much influence on the bands sound?

Dan is really great at getting us to listen to our own songs with open minds. We trust him and so it’s really useful to let him make decisions when we’re otherwise too close to the song to know what to do.

What can we expect from the upcoming EP?

It’s the Bank of Free Money’s opening office party! Maybe you’ll meet a bunch of new friends. Maybe you’ll fall in love. Maybe you’ll fall out of love. Maybe you’ll be fine with that. Maybe you’ll do all of the above.

The video for ‘Up In The Sky’ keeps the narrative of the Bank of Free Money and 90s Wall Street going. How important are videos and aesthetic to the band?

Branding and marketing are key to successfully launching any new company and key to evolving the brand in the often crowded marketplace. Also it’s fun to make stuff.


If everyone could know just 1 thing about Free Money, what would you want it to be?

We can make your dreams come true.


So, are we cool to open an account?

Way ahead of you. Your card and pin are already in the post.