What’s New? Buke & Gase – “No Land” & “Pink Boots”

Signed to record label Brassland, set up in part by The National’s Bryce and Aaron Dessner, Buke & Gase returned last week with two new tracks.

After a relative quiet period of five years without a full-length record release (the band released a handful of tracks last year), the experimental-indie Brooklyn duo have teased an upcoming album due next year. New singles “No Land” and “Pink Boots” signal somewhat of a sonic shift, with a more electronic and ruminating sound etched particularly into “No Land”. Listen to both tracks below, with accompanying visuals and animations:

Speaking of “No Land” on their Twitter, the duo says, “lyrically speaking, “No Land” is our response to the ignorance of human and other habitat destruction by rising waters, drought, displacement from war/famine, the subsequent separation of families and how it’s going to get you, too, somehow, when you least desire it to.”

Buke and Gase will support Shellac on their upcoming US tour. Full details here.