What’s New? Spencer. – Want U Back

Combining hazy guitar riffs and textured brass with R’n’B smoothness, this endearing yet gently soulful track that will get you thinking about boyfriends and girlfriends of time gone by. 

With co-signs from Hip-Hop supergroup Brockhampton and Omar Apollo, singer-songwriter Spencer., 19, a Rochdale, NY native, told The Fader the track was made ‘in my basement earlier this year while messing around with some chords, it was right after I chilled with this girl almost every day over winter break.’ The song certainly emulates its intimate conception; the simplicity of the riff, subject matter and lyrics, whilst at times repetitive, can’t help but move you into a dream-like state in which you’ll be convinced going back to your ex will be just fine.*

*Disclaimer: Too Many Blogs cannot be held responsible for any bad decisions made