What’s New? RUEN – What I Need

RUEN, is the artist moniker of producer Rhiannon Mair and while you might not have heard of her before, chances are you’ve heard some of her outstanding work.

Working out of her studio by the sea-side in Margate, Mair spends her days as a songwriter-producer for the likes of Laura Marling, Bryde and Emma McGrath. Her work with this level of artist has cemented her as one of the countries most in demand producers of the moment.

Not content with writing for some incredible artists though, Mair is launching her own project – RUEN. The new single is “What I Need” and it’s a devilish piece of indie rock. Packed full of sultry energy, it’s a raw expression of sexual energy and a clear indication of a musician at the top of her game.

On the track, RUEN states:

“The song is about the pushing and pulling of power plays that can happen in relationships along with feeling powerless and wanting someone you know is bad for you. It's also a little bit sexual - which was fun to write. It felt quite empowering as a woman to write something that expressed female sexual energy.”