What’s New? Honey Lung – Sophomore

Looking for a band to smack you round the head whilst gently caressing your tender soul? Look no further than Honey Lung. The four-piece have released ‘Sophomore’, the follow up to 2017’s jangle-fest, indie-pop, Wilco homage, ‘Stuttering Mind’. Released via Killing Moon the single marks the genesis of a period of huge potential for the band, and adds a skilfully heavy string to their already impressively stocked bow.

Jangly lo-fi guitars set the scene for Sophomore, upholding the band’s propensity for soothing melodies. It follows the same tried and tested formula as their previously released material, which is no bad thing given it produces a particularly enjoyable product. However, while this formula could have been followed to the end of the song, and become another perfectly enjoyable indie-pop tune, the band show their hand and a potential future path.

An ambitious, triumphantly heavy outbreak of clattering drums, thunderous guitars, and afflicted vocals roar to the forefront of the track. Kicking understated indie-pop into touch, in its place joining an attractive blend of 90s grunge, with tuneful sensibilities. While it’s overwhelmingly powerful, the band don’t get carried away and forget their charming melodic roots in a midst of head clattering catharsis. The lead singer’s vocals are tinged with guidance from Kurt Cobain, Mark Linkous and Billy Corgan. Definitely not bad company to be with, this influence creates an amalgamation of claustrophobic saturation, and produces an imposingly emotive vocal performance. The band’s drummer has enough fills to occupy the Grand Canyon and the guitarist cuts through the atmospheric grunge with potent solo work. It’s a hard-hitting track, heavy and immediate, whilst still overwhelmingly catchy and beautifully melodic.

It’s lo-fi enough to attract even the most dedicated of cuffed jean wearers and heavy enough to interest even the most die-hard rock fans. In a climate where musical tribes are becoming less important, and young music fans are listening to what they like, rather than what they’re expected to, this band could be set to garner a sizeable following. It’s still early days for Honey Lung, but get yourself on the elevator at ground zero.